I/O Controller STSLV6P2N2C322 Old


I/O controller

Controller for a wide range of applications

Equipped with a Cortex® M4 microcontroller to manage complex operating logics, the electronics are housed in a robust DEUTSCH® automotive standard enclosure, which guarantees installation on any type of vehicle both indoors and out.

STSLV6P2N2C322 has 6 high-side outputs and 2 low-side outputs with error detection, 4 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs 2 CAN ports and 1 RS485 port (alternative to second CAN).

The controller module monitor its outputs continuously for fault information. Detected faults include short circuit (to ground or power), over currents and open load. In the event of a fault, the units will disable the output(s) that are faulted.

  • Outputs with closed-loop current and voltage sensing
  • Designed for 12V and 24V outdoor mobile applications
  • Configurable inputs and outputs for customizing controller to each application
  • Combining 4x outputs (2x high side and 2x low side) for H-bridge motor control
  • DEUTSCH® standard automotive enclosure with DTM style connectors
  • Wide operating temperature from -20°C to 85°C
  • Supply input with reverse polarity protection


Technical specifications

Part numberSTSLV6P2N2C322
Dimensions (HxLxW)142 x 118 x 36mm
Supply voltage9 – 36V
Operative temperature-20 – 85°C
Ingress protectionIP67, IP69K (with appropriate connector boots)
Inputs4x inputs configurable as digital, frequency, PWM or a quadrature encoder
2x analog inputs (0-36V)
Outputs6x digital current sourcing rated 8A (digital or PWM)
2x digital current sinking rated 8A (digital or PWM)
Max current sourcing24A
Max current sinking16A
Interfaces2x CAN 2.0 A-B compliant up to 1Mb/s
1x RS485
1x RF 433 – 868MHz radio module (optional)

Block diagram