I/O Controller STSLV10040121


Versatile PLC, 8 inputs, 13 outputs, CAN and RS485 connectivity.

Versatile PLC module

The STSLV10040121 controller is a highly versatile solution designed to provide extensive flexibility in industrial control applications. With 5 digital inputs, 3 analog inputs, 8 digital outputs, and 5 relays, this controller stands out for its ability to handle a wide range of signals and inputs. The advanced connectivity, including CAN and RS485, enables efficient and reliable communication with other devices and systems.

  • Wide power supply voltage range of 9 – 30V.
  • Equipped with a CAN 2.0B port, capable of communicating at speeds up to 1 Mb/s. This enables communication with other devices, such as sensors, actuators, and controllers, facilitating real-time data exchange.

Technical Specifications

Part numberSTSLV10040121
Dimension (HxLxW)96 x 120 x 48mm
Supply voltage9 – 30V
Operative temperature-20 / +85°C
Protection gradeIP00
Inputs5x Digital inputs
3x Analog inputs (0-30V)
Outputs8x Digital outputs PWM 3A High-side
5x Relay SPDT 3A
Max current sourcing16A
Max current sinking16A
Interfaces1x CAN 2.0 A-B compliant up to 1Mb/s
1x RS485